Dear guests of Via Pontica 123, 
In order to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday in our hotel, please take some time to read the following rules:

The pool can be used from 08.00 to 22.00.
The depth of the pool is 1.50 m at the shallow end and 1.80 m at the deep end.
The pool may not be used from 1 October to 30 April 30, because the water filtration pumps ARE turned off in this period.
No pool lifeguard! Children under 14 are prohibited from using the pool without parental supervision.
Children who cannot swim should use inflatable armbands, rings or jackets in the pool and must be supervised by a parent or an adult companion authorised by the parent, who has to swim beside the child.
It is prohibited to use the pool after consuming alcohol.
To connect to the Wi-Fi network, use the password written on the last page of the folder containing information about the hotel that is in your apartment.
The apartments are cleaned and the bed linen is changed every 3rd day. During the rest of the time, the tenants are responsible for keeping the place tidy and washing the dishes.
For the time from 14.00 to 16.00 is mandatory observance of silence!
Smoking is forbidden in the apartments of Via Pontica123.
To ensure the security and peacefulness of all holidaymakers at Via Pontica123, please lock the entrance door of the building each time you enter or go out.
Please do not leave money, documents and valuables in the apartments when you are out. If you wish to leave something for safekeeping, ask the manager.
When leaving the apartment, please do not leave any electrical appliances turned on (irons, stoves, kettles), running faucets, etc. Doing otherwise could lead to damage, fire or flooding. Appliances damaged as a result of misuse are repaired at the expense of the client.
In the event of damage or malfunction (el. appliance, water and sewage, other), please ask the manager for help. In the event of emergencies (fire, illness, etc.), call tel. no.112. Please also call the manager!
In the event of disturbance of the peace from 22:00 to 08:00, please turn to the manager or call tel. no. 112.
You must check out from the apartment by 12:00 on the final day of your reservation. If you delay your check-out from the apartment by up to 3 hours, you will be charged a fee of BGN 40. The fee for longer delays is BGN 100.
When leaving the apartment after your reservation has finished, the manager will check the condition of the apartment and whether the el. appliances are in working order and all kitchen utensils, bed linen and towels are present.
You will be charged for any lost towels and utensils, broken glasses, plates and furniture.
When leaving the apartment before the reservation has finished, the client must pay the full amount for the entire reserved period, regardless of the number of days the apartment was used.

 Thank you for choosing us!
 Manager: Margarita Goranova, tel. no. +359 888 558 528